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Top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala
Top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala
Kerala is just not beaches or backwaters. It also has some of the finest jungles in the country. Wild life sanctuaries are the best places to travel because where you can see the animals and birds are living in their natural habitat. What is interesting that, Kerala has also got a fair amount or variety in its wildlife- from big cats to reptiles and birds, everything can be found here. A look at Kerala’s top 10 wildlife sanctuaries but they are in not any particular order or ranking.

Top 10 Zoos Top 10 Zoos

Zoos have always been fascinating- from caged ones in small towns to ones with big natural enclosures in the metros. India is a home to a large number of Zoos, spread all over the country. Some of the Zoos in India have earned the reputation and recognition all over the world for their enormous and exotic collection of mammals, birds and reptiles. No doubt, Indian zoos are also great family destinations while traveling. Zoos provide fun, travel, tourism and education… everything. Here is our list of India’s top 10 zoological parks…
Top 10 National Parks Top 10 National Parks

A land with nature so diverse from one end to another, it is nobody’s surprise that India has more than 150 national parks. India's first national park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park, now known as Jim Corbett National Park. By 1970, India only had five national parks. In 1972, India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger to safeguard the habitats of conservation reliant species. A travel guide to Top 10 national parks other than the prominent Tiger reserves. Each one of them has its own beauty, which can’t be expressed in words.
Top 10 tiger reserves Top 10 tiger reserves

No adventure can be as thrilling as coming face to face with the Tiger in his own territory. India has ample opportunities to have this once in a lifetime experience. In India, the tiger is found practically throughout the country, from the Himalayas to Cape Comorin, except in Punjab, Kutch and the deserts of Rajasthan. Starting from nine reserves in 1973-74 India now has forty three tiger reserves. Each one has its distinct topography and habitation. Each one is unique and worth a visit or two.
Top 10 bird sanctuaries Top 10 bird sanctuaries

India is a home for many beautiful species of birds local as well as migrant birds. Bird sanctuaries in India are therefore a hot spot for personality lovers and birdwatchers. Some of the beautiful local inhabitants like The National Bird of India “Peacocks” Great Indian bustard, Indian Horn-bill, Kingfishers and Indian Eagle “Garuda”, a Sacred Bird of Hindus. The Great Indian Horn-bill is the largest amongst all the horn-bills found in the dense forests of Arunachal Pradesh. There are over 1200 species of birds found in the India.