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Top 10 winter treks
Top 10 winter treks
Winter may not may best months to venture high into the Himalayas, but for the energetic leisure seeker and adventurer keen to take up a rare wilderness experience, the awe-inspiring views of snow covered mountains laced in thick white dress make it hard to resist. Trekking in India, during winters, especially in the high peaks of Himalayas, is a totally different experience in itself. But then, only snow is not the option. There are plenty of trekking opportunities in the peninsular India as well. Few of them might come as surprise for you. Have a look at top 10 treks for the winter…

Top 10 zipping sites Top 10 zipping sites

Zipping has been new to India. It is enjoying breath-taking views as you fly down a series of ultra-strong steel zip lines, securely attached by a harness and pulley – propelled simply by gravity. Zip lining is one of the most popular adventurous sports which give you the experience of flying between the trees at a height in jungles where birds and monkeys hang out. The list of destinations and things to do for Zipline Tour is endless. Zip lining in India is possible throughout the year because of the different climatic conditions in diverse regions of India. Here is our top 10 list of zipping destinations in India…
Top 10 summer treks Top 10 summer treks

It is often said that mountains have a magnetic pull; they keep on calling travelers again and again. With a long Himalayan range and different ranges in the peninsular India, including the eastern and Western Ghats, India has plenty of trekking options, probably more than any other country in the world. As soon as spring beacons, adventure seekers come to drawing boards with their summer trekking planning. April to October, India has plenty of options to choose from for trekking. Some treks are challenging and some are fun. We bring you here Top 10 summer treks in India.
Top 10 rafting sites Top 10 rafting sites

There are only a few things that appeal to adventure enthusiasts more than the thrill of riding on the wild waters of untamed rivers, or white water rafting as it is called. The mighty rivers flowing down from the heights of the Himalayas make India one of the world’s best places for adventure. While the best of rafting options lie north, in the Himalayan waters, South, West and East has also seen recently the development of the sport. Like most outdoor sports, rafting in general has become safer over the years. Here we go with our Top 10 list of rafting sites in India.