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Top 10 caves
Top 10 caves
Caving in India is very popular. Every state has a number of caves worth exploring. There is the right mix of history, spirituality, mystery, meditation, and adventure in cave explorations. Many of India’s cave temples are very popular among the tourists. As for its waterfalls, Meghalaya is also famous for its many caves, which attract tourists not only from India but abroad too. A few of the caves in this region have been listed amongst the longest and deepest in the world. Peninsular India is also rich in caves, however small caves are present in almost all parts of country. Look at top 10 caves in India.

Top 10 high altitude lakes Top 10 high altitude lakes

A vast Himalayan range means that India has snow peaks, therefore it has glaciers, and hence it also has fair number of water bodies.In India we have as many as 4699 high altitude lakes (located above the altitude of 3000 metres). Sight of a lake surrounded by snow crowned peaks is so amazing. Being there is a thrill, especially if there is some challenge to reach. Here we bring a list of top 10 high altitude lakes in India. We have chosen them as per popularity, natural beauty and accessibility of the lakes. A sneak peek…
Top 10 Waterfalls Top 10 Waterfalls

Watching a huge sheet of water falling from few hundred metres with a thundering sound is a adventure within itself. India is home to some of most beautiful waterfalls in the world. But two states stand out alone in the huge list of waterfalls- Meghalaya and Karnataka. Both of them have cornered the huge share of some of greatest waterfalls in India. Add to the list states like Odisha, Chattisgarh and Goa and the picture gets complete. But these are not in order of height or width or volume only. These have been selected also keeping in mind their overall beauty, appeal, approach and popularity. Here they fall…