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Top 10 travel ideas for September 2017
Top 10 travel ideas for September 2017
From top in the North till down South, its time for big festivities everywhere. One of the most auspicious months of the year. Monsoon is though in its last fiery spell but still it can’t stop the diehard travellers from having the fun. What is more interesting that same nine days before Vijayadashmi are celebrated in different manner at different places from Bengal to Telangana to Gujarat and other parts of Northern India. A spirit not to be missed…

Top 10 travel ideas for September Top 10 travel ideas for September

September is fun. Rains have already subsided, although they were never so severe this season. Not many holidays in store, but still month is full of activity. Last of Kerala’s boat races are there but Kerala also celebrates one if years most awaited festival- Onam. From music festivals to Ganpati visarjan and Durga Puja, many things are in store. Also is the time to replan all those missed trips, where it won’t be possible to go, once the winter starts. Have a go…
Top 10 travel ideas for August Top 10 travel ideas for August

Rains have not really picked up this year. Still temperatures are down enough to bring you in mood to travel. Besides this August has a long mid-month weekend with Independence Day (15th August) falling on Friday, although with Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami falling on Sundays, few might call it as two holidays ruined. Anyway, there is lot more to enjoy in the monsoon- a few you can only get to soak during this time of the year, but also something you might get to join only once in 12 years! Don’t give a miss.
Top 10 travel ideas for July Top 10 travel ideas for July

Its monsoon time. Bit late this year, but trying to cover the peninsular India, just in nick of time. But the downpour does not dampen the spirits. Actually brave ones find this the perfect time to hit the roads. Schools are open, hence the official holiday season ends, but not for the diehards. Besides this is also the time to find some monsoon romance down south. There are many places meant just for a wet sojourn and few which can be visited just at this time of the year. Our Top 10 list of ideas for this July….
Top 10 travel ideas for June Top 10 travel ideas for June

The month of June is the time when the season for summer holidays in India reaches its peak. With schools and colleges closed at this time of year in most parts of the country, June also becomes best time for family holidays in India. Since it is also the peak of summer season in India with monsoon just round the corner (it actually already reaches in south India by the time), there are quite a few places where one could travel to for a fulfilling summer holiday in India. To seek respite from the scorching sun and humidity, hill stations are the most favored tourist places in India to travel in summer. But there are indeed few spots to go in monsoon as well. Our Top 10 list of ideas for this June….