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Top 10 travel ideas for August 2018
Top 10 travel ideas for August 2018
These are tough days for one of country’s favourite monsoon destination- Kerala. Floods have created a havoc and we have already seen the cancellation of one of the most popular boat races. But this is also the month of Onam, most important festival of the year for Kerala. Lets hope, things get better by the time of Onam comes. There is much more to happen this month in Kerala and elsewhere.

Top 10 travel ideas for September 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for September 2017

From top in the North till down South, its time for big festivities everywhere. One of the most auspicious months of the year. Monsoon is though in its last fiery spell but still it can’t stop the diehard travellers from having the fun. What is more interesting that same nine days before Vijayadashmi are celebrated in different manner at different places from Bengal to Telangana to Gujarat and other parts of Northern India. A spirit not to be missed…
Top 10 travel ideas for August 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for August 2017

Its the peak monsoon time. Mid of month, we already have an extended weekend. Its again the time of the year to enjoy two things specifically- boat races in Kerala and monastic festivals in Ladakh. But there is still much more besides this, and that includes Independence day, many religious festivals, few cultural occasions and a couple of pilgrimages. This is also the start of traditional festival season in peninsular India. Monsoons might soak you up but it is still a time good enough to travel and enjoy some fun-soaked moments. Our top 10 pick for the month.
Top 10 travel ideas for July 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for July 2017

Monsoon is on, schools are open, hence the official holiday season ends, but not for the diehards. Besides, there are many festivals in the line-up. Beauty of Indian festivals is that they mostly don’t come the same day every year. So, if you are committed to a festival than one year it will be in June and next year may be in May or July. Hence, travelling has to be in back of minds every time. There are many places like Ladakh which can be visited just at this time of the year. Our Top 10 list of ideas for this July….
Top 10 Travel ideas for June 2017 Top 10 Travel ideas for June 2017

Summer is at its peak in the north while monsoon has already struck in the south. These are very contrasting features of Indian peninsula. It is still the vacation time for the most parts of India and hill stations will be packed of vacationers. Lot more to do then routine ‘queen of the hills’ trips and these include some offbeat events and festivals.
Top 10 Travel ideas for May 2017 Top 10 Travel ideas for May 2017

Its time for India’s most awaited yearly pilgrimage- Char Dham Yatra. But there are host of other events which can prompt you to some quick travel plans. With soaring temperatures, hill stations like Mount Abu and Ooty try to chill out with their annual festivals. We bring you our choice of top ten ideas for the month of May- first of India’s traditional two months of summer vacations. Time to pack!
Top 10 travel ideas for April 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for April 2017

Its getting hotter day by day. Though the forecast for the summer aren’t very pleasing, but still we have some more time to celebrate spring. Everywhere, it is also the time to celebrate the good harvest and rejoice while getting ready for the next season. Many colourful festivals around to give an occasion to travel. Here are some ways to celebrate this month in India.
Top 10 travel ideas for March Top 10 travel ideas for March

We talked about Kerala separately and now its time for rest of India. Spring in its full bloom and it is riot of colours everywhere- in nature as well on faces! one of the most awaited months of the year because of its festivities- festival of colours- Holi undoubtedly. It is also last of the months of the pleasant weather before the summer strikes. Its already getting hot this time of the year. Don't spare a chance to be around at any one of these places!
Top 10 travel ideas for February 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for February 2017

Month starts with Basant Panchmi this year. Its Spring time, although chill is still in the air. Time of romance and enjoyment. Carnival time at places around the world. Time for some of the best festivals for different tastes- whether it is dance, theatre, crafts, books or just fun. Presenting top 10 travel ideas for February, but here is certainly lot more. Go ahead..
Top 10 travel ideas for January 2017 Top 10 travel ideas for January 2017

Missing the chill this year, isn’t so? Nevertheless, festivities are on. New year comes with a number of festivals celebrating India’s dance and musical traditions. So, one might have plenty of options to travel from skiing to sun bathing at beach, but there is still always more to do. This month also has Makar Sakranti (14th January), considered to be one of the most auspicious days of the year and also an occasion of many travels and pilgrimages. We bring you the selected few events for this month.