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Top 10 Kaza trip tips
Top 10 Kaza trip tips
It is indeed one of the most beautiful and challenging road journeys in India and arguably, in the world. A road trip to Spiti valley from Shimla to Kaza is thoroughly entertaining and fulfilling. But it is entirely different from road trip to Lahaul valley, i.e. from Manali to Leh, although people often name them in same vain. Lets tell you about top 10 highlights of this route, which one shouldn’t miss while going to Kaza from Shimla.

Top 10 water journeys Top 10 water journeys

India has a long sea coast on its east and west besides two of the world’s greatest navigable rivers Brahmaputra and Ganges. Besides, India has some of the most fascinating backwaters in the world. Together they make India one of the best places for water journeys. Though not yet developed fully, still India has fair share of cruises and water journeys. We are selecting a few, precisely top 10 journeys one can have on water in India. A perfect idea for your next vacations.
Top 10 Tourist Trains Top 10 Tourist Trains

When we talk of luxury in India, we talk about royalty. That’s the reason, that tell-a-tale of India’s luxury tourist trains talks most about their royal experience. India has a rich heritage and our trains showcase most of them, through their hospitality and their itinerary as well. India has some of the most popular and also some of the most expensive luxury tourist trains in the world. A few might need too deep pockets, but there might be a few which will give you a chance to have an experience of lifetimes. A look into top ten of such trains.
Top 10 train jouneys Top 10 train jouneys

The Railways came to India almost 150 years ago and yet the romance of Railways still remains intact, more so, the undying charm of the hill railways. Today, when high speed travel has become the norm for business travellers, people still take time off to chug away on serpentine hill tracks. While travelling on hill railways, the holiday begins even before you reach the destination. In India, luckily we have a range of such scenic routes passing through hills and deserts with a view ranging from mighty Kanchenjunga to vast Indian Ocean.
Top 10 road trips Top 10 road trips

India is home to adventure bikers and drivers. It has some of the world's toughest and most beautiful driving routes. Whether it is ride to Lahaul-Spiti valley, which is termed as the mecca for adventure riding or it is Ooty-Munnar, which was recently named as riding wonder of the world, nature has created some awesome topographies. You can as much enjoy a rode in desert of Rajasthan and Gujarat, as you can alongside a beachside on eastern coast. We take you to top 10 of such road journeys...