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Top 10 Remote Beaches
Udaipur, West BengalTop 10 Remote Beaches

This is a spectacular beach, almost virgin, 2 km west of Digha, in West Bengal Orissa Border. One part of this clandestine beach is in West Bengal and the other in Orissa. One enters this beach just walking or driving along Bengal-Orissa border. This beach has not been explored so far. The beach has some USPs which has to be experienced to be believed. The vegetation, typical of slopes in Eastern Ghats and the great Casuarina atmosphere, makes this beach, a one of a kind experience. The nearby delta, where the mighty Subarnarekha merges into the Bay of Bengal, is an additional attraction.

Getting there
Beach is accessible once you reach Digha, or drive to Odisha. Digha is accessible from Kolkata by road and by train.

Dhanushkodi, Tamil NaduTop 10 Remote Beaches

Hindu pilgrims usually bathe in the ocean here before completing the pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. The spot is considered a sacred confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. In addition, it is said that pilgrimage to the holy city of Kashi in North India is not complete without also worshipping at Rameshwaram, including the ritual bath at Dhanushkodi. At Dhanushkodi one can see the deep and rough waters of Indian Ocean meeting the shallow and calm waters of Bay of Bengal. Since the sea is shallow here, one can walk into Bay of Bengal and witness the colourful corals, fishes, seaweeds, star fishes and sea cucumber etc. However one is forewarned from venturing into Indian Ocean as it is extremely violent. The Dhanushkodi railway line running from Pamban Station was destroyed in the 1964 cyclone. Before the 1964 cyclone, Dhanushkodi was a flourishing tourist and pilgrimage town. There were many ferry services between Dhanushkodi and Talaimannar of Ceylon, transporting travellers and goods across the sea. There were hotels, textile shops and dharmashalas catering to these pilgrims and travellers. The Railway line to Dhanushkodi – which did not touch Rameswaram then − went directly from Mandapam to Dhanushkodi. Dhanushkodi in those days had a railway station, a small railway hospital, primary schools, a post office, customs and port offices etc. But cyclone of 1964 converted Dhanushkodi into a ghost city. Today reaching Dhanushkodi itself is no less than an adventure. It is an experience of lifetime. Dhanushkodi has to be a day-long visit and staying options are all at Rameshwaram.

Getting there
One has to reach Dhanushkodi either on foot along sea shore on the sand dunes or in jeeps and in tempos of fishermen. It is at the southern tip of Rameshwaram island, on the eastern coast of the Tamil Nadu. Dhanushkodi is situated to the South-East of Pamban. Talaimannar in Sri Lanka is just 29 kilometres from here.

Tarkarli, MaharashtraTop 10 Remote Beaches

Hailed as the “Queen Beach”, Tarkali is really a fabulous water body. Aided by crystal clear water, on a bright sunny day, one can see the sea bed up to the depth of 20 feet. A long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine water adds value to it. Scuba diving and snorkeling satiate the hunger of adventure lovers. The Even house boat facility is made available at Tarkali with hi-tech equipments and luxurious amenities on board. Situated 6 kms south of Malvan and 546 kms away from Mumbai on the coast of Maharashtra is Tarkarli. The mojar attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine water. On a clear day, you can see the sea bed through a depth of 20 ft. Then, of course there are the forts, Singhudurg, one of Maharashtra's more popular and importance sea forts, built in the 17th century and the famous Padmagarh fort. Look out for a Konkani stay, Bamboo houses and houseboats. Tarkarli is emerging as the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra. Tsunami island in the Karli backwaters is the hub of water sports near Tarkarli with all the major water rides including parasailing in the sea! Tarkarli beach has the finest white sand beach in the entire stretch of Konkan beaches. Notwithstanding the proximity to Goa, Tarkarli still is one of the most popular beaches in southern Konkan. With the Karli backwaters on one side and the turqoise blue sea on the other, Tarkarli is the most picturesque destination and Tarkarli is also amongst the most popular beaches in Maharashtra.

Getting there
Nearest airport is Dabolim (Goa). Nearest railhead is Kudal, 45kms away, on Konkan Railway. Mumbai-Tarkarli is 546 kms, Kolhapur-Tarkarli is 160 kms, Malvan-Tarkarli is 7kms. State Transport buses ply from Mumbai, Kolhapur, Pune to Malvan and from Malvan to Tarkarli. Rickshaws are also available form Malvan.

Karwar, GoaTop 10 Remote Beaches

Consisting of five adjacent beaches, the one at Karwar lies as a small island near Goa. Fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and dolphin hunting are the water sports which are played here. The unique thing about this beach is – on one side the tourists enjoy the warmth of the sun and on the other side they are thrilled by the cool breeze unleashed by the Western Ghats. The hospitality at Karwar beach cannot be equaled by what you experience in other places and so are the sea food which are much tastier than most other places. Rabindranath Tagore had once said, "The sea beach of Karwar is certainly a fit place in which to realize that the beauty of Nature is not a mirage of the imagination, but reflects the joy of the Infinite and thus draws us to lose ourselves in it. Where the universe is expressing itself in the magic of its laws it may not be strange if we miss its infinitude; but where the heart gets into immediate touch with immensity in the beauty of the meanest of things, is any room left for argument?" Karwar is known for its seafood cuisine. Fish curry, with cashews, coconut and rice is a staple dish. Kawar curries use ginger and turmeric but not always garlic.

Getting there
The Konkan railway connects Karwar to most major towns and cities. Karwar has three railway stations: Asnoti, Karwar (Nandangadda) and Harwada. The nearest Goan station is Canacona, 36 km away. Madgaon station lies 68 km to the north.

Marari, KeralaTop 10 Remote Beaches

Undeveloped and quiet Marari Beach is situated very close to Alleppey. It is not a very recognized beach and more often than not, it gets overlooked. Though not very popular as a beach, it is a perfect place for those who love to explore backwaters of Kerala. Marari got its name from a small and sleepy fisherman’s village called Mararikulam. Marari isn't a tourist beach but rather a peaceful place to relax and unwind. Those who visit Marari look forward to the slow pace of life, and soaking up the serenity and tranquility on the deserted sandy beaches. A number of interesting day trips are possible around the area. These include the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, traditional coir-making units, and the Kerala backwater canals. Accommodations at Marari beach consist mainly of resorts and homestays. There are many luxury options as well.

Getting there
Marari Beach is located at a short distance from Alleppey and 60 kilometers from Cochin. The nearest train station is in Alleppey. Alternatively, the nearest airport is in Cochin.

Agonda, GoaTop 10 Remote Beaches

Located in the southernmost Canacona Taluka of Goa, Agonda beach is most suited for sunbathing and relaxing. It is a relatively quite beach. Probably this serene atmosphere, aided by less number of visitors, is one of the reasons why it is proving to be an ideal nesting site for Ridley turtle. If you love partying, this is not the place which you should be looking for. Agonda beach is the perfect beach for anyone who simply wants to relax away from it all. This seemingly endless pristine beach stretches for around 3 kilometers and its lined with simple beach shacks. Hawkers aren't allowed on the beach, so you'll be able to remain refreshingly undisturbed. Chilling, swimming, walking, eating and just generally doing nothing are the main attractions at Agonda. Boat trips are possible for those who are up for some activity. Most people choose to stay in a coco hut on Agonda beach. Romance Beach Huts are highly recommended ones. The tourist season kicks off in late October and starts winding up late March.

Getting there
Patnem is located in south Goa, 43 kilometers from Marago and 76 kilometers from Panaji. Its 10 minutes north of the much busier Palolem beach, south Goa's most popular beach. The closest railway stations to Agonda are Marago on the Konkan Railway, and Canacona (also known as Chaudi). Canacona is a 20 minute drive away from Agonda. Marago is 30 minutes away. Alternatively, Goa's Dabolim airport is around one hour away.

Bangaram, LakshadweepTop 10 Remote Beaches

Bangaram is one of the beaches which lies in the island of Lakshadweep. About 250 miles off the Malabar Coast of India lie the Lakshadweep Islands, a chain of coral reefs and atolls that mark one of the few unspoiled places left on our planet. A few islands are occupied by natives, virtually untouched by modern civilization. In the midst of this magical chain lies Bangaram Island. It is a turquoise hued world of clear, warm seas, silver sands and a stretching canopy of palms. Sparkling coral reefs glitter through the pellucid waters, home to myriad life forms. Whether diving, swimming or just soaking in the sun, Bangaram can create for you the illusion of being the last person on the planet. This beach is regarded as one of the top 10 secret beaches where the tourists are sent in helicopters during monsoon season. The activities such as angling, snorkeling, diving and other water sports are must do things here. The traveling enthusiasts would develop goose bumps seeing the popular attractions like swaying coconut palms, coral reefs and turquoise blue lagoons, all in one place. The island is popular for its serene setting. Numerous species of tropical birds are found on the island. Resort here offers numerous adventure activities, including scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing beside white sand beaches, a calm lagoon and a sparkling, clear coral reef.

Getting there
There are flights from Cochin to Agatti Island in Lakshadweep. Transfer from Agatti to Bangaram is by boat or by helicopter during the monsoon (May 16 to Sept 15). Entry Permit is required for all. Nearest Airport at Agatti is 8 km from Bangaram

Covelong, Tamil NaduTop 10 Remote Beaches

This beach is located 40 km away from Chennai and does not attract larger crowds. Marked by serene beauty, it has been a hub for French in India at one point of time. Covelong Beach, sited on the way to Mahabalipuram, has transmogrified into an exclusive, classy beach resort. It is located on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, where the shining sun, calm sea and shimmering sand form a unique aura of cheerfulness and magnetism. This has been an ideal spot for the people who wish to meditate due to the peaceful ambiance prevailing here. Adventure lovers never leave the place disappointed either, due to the water sports which are widely played here. The very fact that fishing activities are unsurpassed here, this part of the world is also known as a fishing town. The Dutch built a fort in Covelong during the colonial times, which today has been made the Taj Fisherman's Cove, a private luxury beach resort.An ancient Catholic church on the beach is another attraction. Along with the beach, the village of Covelong,famous for its fishing activities draws many tourists. Covelong beach is one of the few places in the East Coast where wind surfing takes place.

Getting there
This captivating spot is very well-connected and easily accessible from the capital city of Tamil Nadu- Chennai. You can reach there either by train, bus or by hiring a taxi. Apart from this, you can also go to this place by boat, along the seashore of Chennai or Chengalpattu.

Yarada, Andhra PradeshTop 10 Remote Beaches

It is one of the lesser known beaches of Vizag, but one of the most beautiful ones. The location of the Yarada beach kept it beyond the reach of common tourist. One of the best beaches of Vizag, clean and safe. It's little far from the city and hence takes a good time to travel. Nevertheless, it's worth visiting as it also has the lighthouse nearby. Swimming is not safe as the surface is of slipping sand, but can take bath near the rocky area. Best part of this beach is that it is less crowded. Located at 18 kms distance from Vizag it is beside Dolphin's Nose. Deep blue color merged with the color of the beach to green coconut trees in the sea shore. Lovely and soothing. It is wrongly thought to be a private beach. Tourists can visit the beach directly or through the Yarada village. Agrigold collects a fee of Rupees 30 to enter their property and access the shops and a restaurant there. If you bring your own food and refreshments then you can visit the beach without entering the Agrigold Property. Yarada is the village behind the Dolphin's Nose. To get to this beach, one could use the bus facility available or alternatively one could also hire a cab to get here. The view of the beach and Vizag city from the top of the Dolphin's Nose is memorable. Also, the Gangavaram beach is nearer from Yarada beach. The drive from Scindia to the top of Dolphin's Nose, Dolphin's Nose to Yarada and from there to Gangavaram is really enjoyable.

Serenity, PuducherryTop 10 Remote Beaches

Any trip to pondicherry would be incomplete without a visit to its beaches. Serenity beach is around 2 km away from the city and 1.5 km from Auroville. Some of the bloodiest Anglo-French battles were said to be fought on these sands. This virgin beach, with its serene surroundings is an ideal place to laze away your day. Since the beach is not very popular yet, it is isolated and peaceful. It is not a commercial beach popular with a few sunbathers and surfers. There are no stalls or shacks you can find here. It is located off the East Coast road. It looks somewhat like a private beach, as the approach road is quite narrow. The road can easily be missed, as no one expects that road to lead to a beach. Boating here is fun. There are surfing and scuba diving classes too, which makes it interesting. Sea here is slightly rough than Paradise. So if you are interesting in surfing or bathing, this place is a way better option than Paradise Beach.

Getting there
If you get an auto to the beach, it would be better to return in the same auto… as the location is far from the main road and its quite difficult to get an auto in this area.

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