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Top 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala
Chowara Beach KovalamTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Located at a distance of approximately 10 kilometres from Kovalam, the beautiful village of Chowara is popular for its beach. Chowara beach is the perfect blend of natural beauty and serenity. It is situated next to the Chowara fishing hamlet. Coconut trees dot the sandy shores and the golden sands are an ideal place to relax and enjoy with family. A lesser known seaside destination, the Chowara Beach also has an ayurveda resort in the vicinity. On the top of a nearby hill is situated the ‘Chowara Ayyappa Temple’ which commands fabulous views of the beach below. You can spend many peaceful moments over here away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes most busy beaches today. Analothbhava Matha Church built centuries ago is also nearby. The integrity of Azhimalathara Beach is maintained even during the monsoons and when the sea is receding from the coast.

Padanna Beach KasaragodTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Kasargod District’s Cheruvathur gives close competition to the famed Alleppey backwaters with its own Padanna beach. The shore is shaded by lines of coconut trees and a network of canals owes their existence to the water channelled from Padanna backwater. Nearby is the Oyster Opera where oyster farming is enacted by local villagers in traditional manner. Oyster farming is the main source of livelihood here. The idyllic beaches, sea water lapping the shore graciously, compelling views of the sunrise and sunset, and fishermen proceeding to sea would win you over. The back water beaches at Padanna, are virgin, and for kilometres, you don’t see man, mankind, nothing – only water, sand, waves, and maybe your own shadow, if you face the sun in the right fashion, and it then casts your shadow. This backwater haven is not ruined by tourist influx, which is the case in Southern Kerala, and the local folk offer a stay experience, which is outstanding. These folks have not been corrupted by the tourist ‘greens’, yet.

Kappil Beach VarakalaTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Kappil beach is located 7 Km to Varkala’s north. The road leading to the beach is flanked by Arabian Sea to the west and Edava Narayana Lake to the east. The bridge built over the lake offers panoramic and mesmerizing views of the entire area, especially where the backwater merges into the sea. Tourists can stroll from Varkala to Kappil beach. The picturesque beach offers the perfect recipe for relaxing and unwinding oneself. Coconut groves nearby adds more aesthetic appeal to the beach. Kappil beach and backwaters is a confluence of the sea, river and the backwater, this secluded, picturesque spot is worth visiting. The Priyadarshini Boat Club here offers boating facilities. The beaches at Vettakada, Edava and Kappil are gorgeous in appearance while being limited in scope. So they remain as local beaches where you could sit by the sea side and relax. The true fun of Kappil is the backwater ride. There are not many boats. And there are not many people too.

Kizhunna ezhara Beach, KannurTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

The twin beaches of Kizhunna and Ezhara lie along the same stretch at a distance of 12 Kms from Kannur. The crimson sand and the surf breaking on it create a fascinating view. The shore is primarily rocky interspersed by coconut trees. Ezhara, the southern side, has a splendid rocky shore where you will find it hard to take eyes off the coconut grove. Munambam is the highest point at the far south. The shallow cove is perfect for swimming. Fishermen from nearby hamlets go for fishing and this scene in the backdrop of vast ocean is unparalleled. The tempting beach is free from clutter and the commotion of tourists. As such, it is the perfect destination to spend a solitary outing with your partner. Crimson cliffs and black rocks have teamed up to border the ends of beach crescents. People get absorbed in the protective feel of shallow natural coves, as mild surf keeps on socking sand and rocks at the seaside. Beauty of the place is beyond words, especially the Ezhara part of the beach. For those who feel tempted for a few days of true bliss, there is great news. There are home stays right alongside this remote beach strip. It is surprising that one of the best beaches in Kerala lies here almost undiscovered, visited by very few locals and even fewer numbers of overseas travelers. Rustic setting, while appealing to many, also limits the range of possible activities. Those contend with swimming, sun bathing, beach and village strolls and general relaxing, find Kizunna Ezhara fulfilling.

Vallikunnu Beach, MalappuramTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

It is claimed to be one of the best beaches in India but has remained away from public glare. Ride the surf, get a tan, build sandcastles or simply sift sand through your toes at the Vallikkunnu beach in Malappuram district. Anything you do here will relax you and help you unwind. A beach resort set in the middle of a coconut grove is the main attraction here, along with the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary just a short distance away. This has helped to maintain its serenity and unsullied beauty. The mesmerizing beauty of the secluded stretches along the beach will make you awe with wonder. You have many options to enjoy yourself at the beach i.e. riding the surf, getting a tan or sharing some intimate moments with your loved ones while both of you dig your toes in the soft sand. The ambience is relaxing and you can shed your mental worries with ease. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is close. Beach resort at the centre of coconut grove is the perfect place to stay.

Ezhimala Beach KannurTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Ezhimala is a hillock, which is 286 m high, rises above the beautiful beach here. Carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber can be seen at the foot of the hills. The hills are well known for its rare medicinal herbs. The sea water washes the feet of the majestic seven peaks of Ezhimala Hills. The aquamarine water and the soft textured sand are alluring. From the beach, the hills appear to have a green hue owing to dense undergrowth and coconut palms. Just above the beach along the slope of the hill, you will come across stone pillars etched with mysterious figures. A burial chamber from primeval time and a cave is at the foot of the hill, just a few steps away from Ezhimala beach. At the Ettikulam Bay, you will catch sight of dolphins. Dolphins are usually spotted at the nearby Ettikulam Bay. So it has become a favorite spot of Dolphin enthusiasts. For those who are looking for an isolated place abundant in natural beauty, Ezhimala beach Kerala delivers that in droves.

Bekal Beach KasaragodTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Kasaragod, the Northern most district of Kerala is renowned as the land of gods, forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches. Bekal is small town on the eastern shore of Kerala state of South India.Giant keyhole shaped fort, the golden expanse of a beautiful beach surrounding the fort, backwaters and hill destinations and water sport facilities nearby. The imposing fort at Bekal is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. The beautiful expanse of the shallow beach near the Bekal fort known as Bekal Fort Beach has been developed as an exotic beach location. The Bekal beach is one among the major tourist beach destinations in Kerala.

Muzhappilangad Beach KannurTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Kerala’s only drive-in beach, the Muzhappilangad beach which stretches across four kilometres of sand where one can drive down the entire length. Many people term it as Asia’s top drive-in beach. The drive is ideal for sampling the famed Malabar cuisine from the many eateries in the immediate hinterland. Black rocks protect this long, clean beach from the currents of the deep, making its shallow waters a swimmer’s paradise. Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing and microlite flights are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach in Thalassery. Other attractions include water sports, power boating or a simple catamaran ride. Since the late 90's, the beach has seen a steady influx of European tourists during winter. A major share of foreign and domestic tourists are not aware of the potential of this elusive destination. It is a must see destination for Indians as well as foreign tourists. After the face lift of the beach there has been a huge improvement in the facilities available to the beach visitors including resorts, roads, etc. The beach is wide and the sand is firm enough to support smooth driving.

Cherai Beach KochiTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Cherai Beach, a picturesque beach, located on the north-end of the Vypeen Island is ideal for swimming. Lined with luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields, this sandy beach is a unique combination of the sea and the backwaters, studded with seashells of various hues and shapes. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. Thick coconut groves and Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront are added attractions. Cherai Beach is just 25 km from Kochi, and 30 km from Cochin International Airport. The nearest towns are North Paravur (6 km) and Kodungallur (10 km) and the nearest railway station is Aluva (20 km). Having a coastline of 15 kms, the Cherai beach is different from many beaches in the sense that it is very clean and shallow and thus, ideal for the purpose of swimming and sunbathing. It is a beautiful combination of sea and backwaters rimmed by lush green coconut palms and paddy fields. There is also a park for children on the beach.

Thirumullavaram beach, KollamTop 10 offbeat beaches in Kerala

Thirumullavaram Beach is located 6 km north of Kollam in Kerala. It is a secluded beach and a beautiful picnic centre. About one and a half kilometre into the sea is the Nyarazhcha Para, literally Sunday Rock, that can be seen from the shore at low tide. And near the beach is a Mahavishnu Temple. The beach is very famous for conducting the Karkidaka Vavubali rituals. Thousands of devotees arrive on the beach to perform the Vavubali Tharpanam every year. It is one of the most attractive beaches located in South India. The secluded beach soothe your mind and body with its natural beauty.The beach will give an estuary feel for the tourists as the area is full of coconut palms which makes the place a shady paradise and it is a very silent place. The beach is ideal for early morning walks. The beach is ideal for swimming and sun bathing and no danger zones are identified. Sometime back Discovery Channel selected Thirumullavaram beach as one of the 10 beautiful beaches in the world.

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